LA YOUTh exists

…to reach and disciple students for Jesus. Raising them up and equipping them to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their peers, and to the people of our city.


youth gatherings:

Wednesdays @6:30pm


Sundays @9:15am


We fulfill our vision by laying the strongest foundation for the Christian Faith possible in the minds and hearts of our students by building on Biblical facts, characters, stories, and historical accounts to teach both the essential doctrines, and practical application of the Christian Faith, and actively including the five pillars of the church: Bible, prayer, fellowship, worship, and evangelism (Acts 2:40-47).

Bible: With our Donuts & Discipleship program on Sunday mornings, as well as our Wednesday evening LA YOUTH gatherings.

Prayer: By teaching, and offering opportunities to actively engage in prayer at each meeting. 

Fellowship: With monthly offsite events, and other fun group activities scheduled throughout the year.

Worship: By training up a youth worship team, and having them lead students in praise and worship during our Wednesday night meetings.

Evangelism: By modeling, teaching, encouraging, and actively engaging in creative evangelism, both locally and internationally.